Treatments for stretch marks: How to treat each type effectively?

The Brazilian Society of Dermatology ( SBD ) found that, in Brazil, the incidence of stretch marks among women is from 40% to 70%, while in men it is lower, around 25% . Therefore, the possible clientele to treat this problem in your aesthetic clinic is wide, but do you know which treatments for stretch […]

LipoRedux: four protocols for each aesthetic alteration with body massage

Massages are some of the most popular treatments in beauty clinics. That’s because its benefits are multiple: they improve circulation, fight fluid retention and, in addition, they are super relaxing. There are also massages with specific aesthetic functions, such as the famous ones: modeling massage and reducing massage. But for the success of this procedure, […]

Anti-aging treatments: with and without surgery

The skin is undoubtedly a reflection of our life and our history. Scars, stretch marks, the passage of time, sun spots … are just some of the characteristics that, with the passage of time, appear and are accentuated demanding a series of care different from those we apply at twenty or thirty years of age. […]

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